Why only a few people can manage to buy The Visionaire EC

If you want to buy an executive condominium otherwise you are waiting for The Visionaire EC to open for sale, one issue you should ask yourself is whether purchasing an executive condominium offers an attractive investment option. Fundamentally, the executive condominium concept premiered back in 1997 by the Singapore government being an innovative property initiative regarding the public. Sony playstation help folks of all profits to own an exclusive property without having to spend a lot of money that comes with owning a condominium. In recent years, there is a rise in property prices and more buyers happen to be buying executive condominiums. But is actually the purchase of a good executive condominium over-hyped or will it offer an desirable investment selection for buyers in the current market?

In contrast to today, a few executive condominium projects have been completed with penthouses. These kinds of sold with very high costs and only customers with an income of about $12,000 had been allowed to get yourself a dvd condominiums. At the time of January 2013, the Singapore federal government put a limit to the maximum size allowed for an executive condominium, which was put from 1,700 square feet. This is likely to be the circumstance with The Visionaire Executive Condominium, which will be launched earlier this year. In reality, in the fresh executive condominiums launched, sizes such as 1,200 square feet and 860 square feet for 4 and 3 sleeping rooms respectively are incredibly common. And also this means that you'll probably pay more for an executive condominium per square foot to pay for loss of profit margins incurred by developers.

In this instance, the question goes up on whether a buyer that buys the condo at increased prices for each square foot should be able to earn affordable profits once the buyer determines to sell the condo. In simple terms, if you want to buy The Visionaire EC in the hopes of promoting the executive condominium in future, you will have to compete with the high number of units, which are each private home and executive condominium jobs that are becoming launched over a frequent schedule. This is also confirmed by the undeniable fact that between 1997 and 2004, there were just 14 executive condominium built. Among 2010 as well as 2015, there were when using 41 executive condominiums launched.

Therefore, whether you choose the 5-year minimum career period or even the 10-year conversion method for private house, the executive condominiums that are entering the reselling property marketplace in future may face really tough competition and something will have to decide the people that will absorb the supply. It is therefore true to suggest that regardless of the fact that executive condominiums such as The Visionaire Executive Condominium have better Return on investment, they have misplaced that exclusivity these types of properties loved between 1997 and also 2004.

An executive condominium such as The Visionaire EC draws the interest of different people who are looking to buying a private property. Click here to know more about The Visionaire Executive Condominium.

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